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Postscript: What happened to Superman and B18

Lois Lane reports:

A soldier's new life

'I'm really, really lucky'

Thank you Stacy St. Clair (Lois Lane) for bringing forward the life of Joel Gomez (Superman).


On March 14, Joel watched the Adam Sandler comedy "50 First Dates" with some friends in an air-conditioned hut. It's his last memory of Iraq.

The next three days changed his life forever. He doesn't remember a second of it.

He now knows his commander sent him on a nighttime mission to scout an enemy camp. Iraqi insurgents had fired a missile near the Army post the night before and members of his platoon were sent to find their location.

Joel and five others took the lead Bradley Fighting Vehicle. He sat below in the troop cargo hold with two of his men, Specs. Tracy Laramore and Clint Matthews.

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