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April 19, 2004

What do we want to know?

And how will that inform us?

Ethan Zuckerman writes:

Countries in red were better represented in the blogosphere than in Google news; in blue, were less well represented. The maps suggests that, for the most part, folks in the blogosphere talk about Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and parts of Latin America less than the media sources covered by Google News do.

So, my question to everyone is, What do we want to know? and How will that inform us?

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Connect Iraq

j Baumgart -- j's scratchpad -- writes in a comment: I'd like to know what life is like for an Iraqi right now.

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April 18, 2004

Rule Set Reset

I'm working on a travel plan to Iraq.

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BloggerCon 2004: The take away

From "automatic response" to "Action"

The Master gives me tools
And other Masters
Who give me tools.

But the vision,
The vision comes from the universe.
So now we build the bridge.

"Particpate... react... create... connect"
Thanks, Meg.

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April 15, 2004

Critt's Question 1

[Thanks, Joel.]

Both candidates know that coalition building is key to success. I'm interested in the future. Going forward, I want to know how the next person-who-will-be-President plans to build coalitions. And, with that plan, I want to know how that person-who-will-be-President measures success in their coalition building efforts. In other words, I want, expect, clarity from people-who-would-be-President.

Here's my question:

As head of the U.S. military, How will you measure the effectiveness of military operations other than war?

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