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March 17, 2004

Really Important Books by Guys Named Tom

I'll list my Really Important Books by Guys Named Tom in alphabetical order.

The first author is Tom Atlee. Tom Atlee wrote the Tao of Democracy. You should buy it now. Then you should read it. Yes, read it, you should.

The second author is Tom Barnett, aka Thomas P.M. Barnett. Tom Barnett wrote The Pentagon's New Map. And yes, you should buy it now (Amazon or Barnes & Noble). By the time you get it, you'll have read Tom Atlee's Tao of Democracy. That is, if you buy it today like a good citizen would. Heh.

C'mon now. What are you waiting for? For less than $40 you can understand 'why globalization' and have a way to make it work for everybody. How cool is that?

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