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March 10, 2004

Calixte's comments

I'll come back to this conversation soon:

Which means, initiatives like Blogafrica or Geekcorps might be well inspired to look for writers and story-tellers: Africa is FULL of story-tellers, most are articulate, have travelled in western countries and would be more than willing to learn few online tricks in order to get a broader audience. [At least, that's the strategy I want to focus on in the immediate future.]

As for the key issue you raise - "Can we expect democracy to emerge from Internet communities in countries where political activity is constrained and the Internet is censored? Or are we assuming that these democratizing technologies are only applicable in places where democracy and accompanying" rights of free expression are already well protected? - I really do believe free speech by itself is not enough: it's an essential part of democracy, it's not the only one. If you share this view, you share the limitations of my own expectations: - it's already GREAT that internet community centers and webcafes are multiplying on the african continent it wasn't the case back in 1998! - It's already GREAT that free online services like Blogger allow people to publish for free! - it's already GREAT that people like allAfrica and Geekcorps are willing to help develop an africa-focused web community.

Until then, I'll be thinking about system level bindings.

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