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February 20, 2004

Show me the rule sets

Adam Curry writes:

After the show the CO (the big boss on campus) took us to a visit with a local sheik, Salam Fidhalah a'bayyes who's tribe consists of 450 people and is a subset of a tribe that encompasses 30% of the entire region. This was a major experience. We got a first hand look at the incredible diplomatic skills of the CO. The sheik wants everything to move quicker, and the topic of conversation quickly turned to money. "No problem, show us your plans and they'll be taken into consideration. The system really works, the dutch marines are constantly encouraaging the population to learn how to help themselves. It would be easy for these dutch civil engineers to stay here indefinitely and keep everything under their control. But that wouldn't be any better than it was. Top down just won't swing. Sure it's going to take years, maybe 15 to get to a place that provides an acceptable environemtn to live in. But it will happen, with enough perserverance.

So, you want money for constructing your infrastructure? Ok, what's the rule set guiding your project?

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