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February 23, 2004

CivicActions: Presidential Campaigning at the Edge

Henri Poole writes:

The edge is a connection between two nodes on a network that is not central. When nodes are people, and they can easily get together with other edges, they can create a community. Edge systems are extremely powerful, as can be seen in this diagram.
The rule sets for Presidential campaigning as well as the the processes of governance are changing. Henri Poole and Jim Moore are keenly influencing the build out of tools that enable each of us to shape the future of democratic processes.

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February 22, 2004

Kucinich: In the context of a new conversation

I began my search at Dennis Kucinch for President for the context in which Kucinich frames his issues, determines his priorities. The home page didn't provide the grounding I was looking for, so I went directly to the Issues [synonym: Platform]. On the Issues page, the focal point is:

We have begun a new conversation in America over the purpose of government and its responsibilities to the American people. This Issues Section will provide an introduction to my views. A conversation always involves an exchange of ideas. I welcome and respect your opinions. I would like to hear from you.
So now a beginning context: A new conversation over the purpose of government and its responsibilities to the American people.

Next, I'll read through the forum for 'purpose of government and its responsibilities.

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Top 3 Priorities for Kucinich

In the Toledo City Paper, February 19, 2004, Bill Frogameni asked the following question during a Q & A with Dennis Kucinich:

What would the top three priorities of your presidency be?

1. Bringing in U.N. peacekeepers and getting out of Iraq to signal the end of unilateral foreign policy and preemption. [national security] [bring our troops home]

2. Instituting a universal, not-for-profit health care system. [universal health care]

3. Saving our manufacturing base by withdrawing from NAFTA and the World Trade Organizatio, In. We should go back to bilateral trade that’s contingent upon how workers’ rights, human rights and environmental quality principles are handled by our trading partners. [manufacturing] [workers' rights] [environment]

Before I can begin to explore what The Kucinich Priority might mean to me, I'll need to know in what context he places these issues. Since I don't have direct access to the candidate, I'll rely solely on the information provided on his official campaign site - Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign, 2004.

Next up: Dennis Kucinich: In the context of...?

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Blogging Dennis Kucinich

Ok, I'm a proponent of globalization, I believe in the concept of outsourcing. I believe in a global security force. I believe in appropriate rule sets which, abided by, provide a safe environment where communities can thrive. So, why do I support the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich? Because he best understands the consequences of rule sets mismatch disrupting life on this planet.

I'll be blogging Kucinich exclusively for the rest of the Democratic campaign.

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February 21, 2004

Transnational Connections

At WorldChanging: Another World is Here, Jamais Cascio writes:

For example, the chart of "Globalization and the Environment" shows an apparent correlation between global ties and environmental responsibility. What is it about transnational connections that makes it more likely that a country will demonstrate environmental sensitivity?
Also, links to the latest annual studies on the degree of global integration at Foreign Policy.

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February 20, 2004

N 42.31017 W 70.884691

Acme mapper puts me at N 42.31017 W 70.884691 in Hull, Massachusetts.

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Show me the rule sets

Adam Curry writes:

After the show the CO (the big boss on campus) took us to a visit with a local sheik, Salam Fidhalah a'bayyes who's tribe consists of 450 people and is a subset of a tribe that encompasses 30% of the entire region. This was a major experience. We got a first hand look at the incredible diplomatic skills of the CO. The sheik wants everything to move quicker, and the topic of conversation quickly turned to money. "No problem, show us your plans and they'll be taken into consideration. The system really works, the dutch marines are constantly encouraaging the population to learn how to help themselves. It would be easy for these dutch civil engineers to stay here indefinitely and keep everything under their control. But that wouldn't be any better than it was. Top down just won't swing. Sure it's going to take years, maybe 15 to get to a place that provides an acceptable environemtn to live in. But it will happen, with enough perserverance.

So, you want money for constructing your infrastructure? Ok, what's the rule set guiding your project?

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Jessica Baumgart: Introduction to RSS Feeds

Jessica Baumgart answers 7 fundamental questions about RSS feeds:

How can we receive and send RSS feeds?

To a subscriber, how is RSS different from an e-mail alert?

How can we use RSS feeds to stay informed?

What kinds of sources already use RSS?

Is there a way to subscribe to an RSS feed for a source that doesn't have one?

How can we use RSS feeds to inform others? How can our news outlets and libraries use RSS to reach our clients?

Is RSS just another tool that'll fade in a few years or is it something that's going to be around for a while?

Answers at the source:

News Library News Vol. 26, No.2/Winter 2004 An Introduction to RSS Feeds

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Swanson: John or John?

Note: From September 2003 through January 2004, David Swanson was the press secretary for Dennis Kucinich for President.

David asks, Is there a substantive difference between John Kerry and John Edwards?

The media has also told us that Edwards is more "moderate" than Kerry. What does that mean?
Well, your guess is as good as mine. I stand with David:
In the end, I cannot offer a powerful argument for why Kerry or Edwards is preferable to the other, although I lean toward Kerry. Both are clearly preferable to Bush. But clearly both of them could benefit from being pushed in the direction of the democratic wing of the Democratic party. So, my recommendation is to vote for Kucinich in the remaining primaries and caucuses in order to push whichever of these two wins in a positive direction.

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February 19, 2004

Let the Mud Fly

Ok. If it's going be a two horse race , then let's have some fun.

Kerry's the green, Edwards's the red. I'm betting they intersect sometime before the morning after Super Tuesday.

This race is going to be won by the rider who has a voter-palatable answer to "Where is my livelihood today?"

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