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Launched: Camp Lancer Weblog

I dedicate this weblog - Camp Lancer Weblog - to the memory of two soldiers from 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, killed yesterday in Tikrit. I do not know their names yet. But soom I will. And so shall you.

March 13, 2004
TIKRIT, Iraq -- A roadside bomb killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded four today, a day after the military said two other soldiers died in a similar explosion elsewhere in Iraq's so-called Sunni Triangle.

The soldiers killed today were patrolling in an armored Humvee when a roadside bomb exploded in Tikrit, the hometown of deposed President Saddam Hussein, said Army Capt. Tim Crowe. The soldiers were not identified.

They were from the Army's 1st Infantry Division's 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, which is taking over security in the Tikrit area today.

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Dear Families and Friends of Soldiers,

I will be eternally grateful that Philip has been given this avenue to express his thoughts, feelings and news about his tour in Iraq. As Philip's mother, it is so painful to read of the horrors and dangers that surround his daily life. This agony is made even worse for me as I have been planning a life long dream over the last two years. Philip's stepdad and I will be attempting the 2100+ mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. Philip has known that this hike has been a lifelife dream and one that has consumed my every waking moment for years. The news that Philip was going to Iraq crushed me emotionally. How could I possibly go into the wilderness and not stay in daily contact with Philip? My wonderful son has been so supportive of my dream and has encouraged me to continue with my plans. I carry mementoes of him with me and pray every day my cell phone will not ring in my pack. As I wake each morning after sleeping on the ground, walking all day in the rain and blazing sun, eating meager meals, going days without modern conveniences, it makes me reflect on the mettle of our brave and courageous young men and women to live these same inconveniences and at the same time putting their lives in harms way everyday so that I can live my dream. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Philip. I especially want to thank Critt Jarvis for this site. The Appalachian Trail passes several cities and I will be able to log in often to read everyone's comments and to keep abreast of the real story. The comments of family members also near to the situation makes me feel a part of a community and not alone with my fears and nightmares. Sue Buak, Philip's Mom.

Posted by: Sue Buak | Mar 20, 2004 2:33:20 PM

My husband is currently stationed at FOB Lancer with 1-7 FA, Charlie Battery. I ran across this site while looking for information online about Bayji. My husband is 1st LT Starling and is a Platoon Leader. Sometimes it is hard to get information out of him concerning the goings on at Lancer. Most things he cannot talk about for security reasons which is very frustrating. It was very interesting and very sad to read the accounts posted on this websites about the deaths of the 1-18 soldiers. There are also memorial services here at the Schweinfurt Chapel. My husband knew CPT Kurth as did some of my friends' husbands. They all liked and respected him too. They said he was an excellent soldier. I am so sorry about the offensive way that CPT Holbrook shared the news with your company, even though part of it was wrong. I know a CPT Holbrook from 1-7, is this the same CPT that you are talking about? I'm not sure.

I am not quite sure what this website is, but I am looking forward to reading future postings from Philip. It gives me a better picture of what is going on at Lancer, since my husband can't/won't tell me everything.

Posted by: Joni Starling | Mar 21, 2004 11:07:47 AM